With close to twenty years of experience, TMG offers our clients comprehensive legislative counsel and lobbying services.  We develop and execute plans that are specifically tailored to our client's industry, focusing on specific goals and objectives.  Further, we anticipate changes in legislative, policy and political landscapes to best inform and advise clients on their business strategy and planning.  Most importantly, our firm takes good care to see that clients are informed, educated and involved in every step of this process.    

Our advocacy efforts include:

  • Drafting legislation; 
  • Tracking/monitoring legislation;
  • Attending public hearings and providing written and oral testimony; 
  • Preparing clients' testimony for public hearings;
  • Drafting amendments and advocating for adoption; 
  • Advocate for funding in appropriations bills (annual fiscal year budget, supplemental budgets);
  • Drafting earmark language within budget and appropriation bills;


  • Secure meetings with members of legislative leadership and respective staff members; 
  • Secure meetings with committee chairmen, committee members and respective committee staff;
  • Determine the operational and financial impact of legislative proposals 
  • Prepare and recommend appropriate responses and positioning best suited for the client;
  • Create policy position papers and arrange strategy sessions to articulate and outline client priorities for members of the legislature and candidates for elected office.     

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